Strathmore Children's Chorus

Founded in 2012 with over 100 members for our premiere season, the Strathmore Children’s Chorus (SCC) has grown to exceed our goals and stretch the limits. In just our second year, our membership surpassed 200 singers.

Our Purpose

The Strathmore Children's Chorus is primarily an education program. In addition to learning music theory, vocal techniques, and ensemble singing, students benefit from collaborations with other children's choruses and adult musicians as well. Five performance ensembles (Preparatory, Apprentice, Treble, Concert, and Young Men’s Choirs) promote self-expression in singers, celebrate the diverse musical traditions of our residents, and engage talented youth in joy-filled and uplifting music-making. SCC also performs with professional orchestras, other choral groups, and featured artists in ensemble performances, allowing Strathmore to provide a living, breathing, singing presence in our community.


Our Mission

It is the mission of the Strathmore Children’s Chorus to provide children of all backgrounds excellence in choral artistry which promote self-expression and offer professional performance opportunities in a respectful and diverse community of singers. The Strathmore Children’s Chorus is a Strathmore Education program, and fulfills Strathmore’s mission to produce exemplary performing arts programs for diverse audiences, create dynamic arts education experiences that convene students and educators, and foster informed appreciation for and involvement in the arts. The children of the chorus serve as “singing ambassadors of the arts” under the auspices of Strathmore.

Our Vision

Our vision is to become the most comprehensive children’s chorus program in the state of Maryland while enriching the children’s lives through vocal artistry.



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